ANEW! - Coalition for Clean Water




Action Network for the Environment and Water! (ANEW!), formed April 2014 in Chicago, is a network of environmental coalitions which share a concern over water.


We are dedicated to work together:

  • To share information and resources

  • To support actions of other groups at our option

  • To promote awareness and best practices about water on the part of individual, governmental bodies, and corporations.


We invite your organization to join ANEW! and work together to keep our water systems clean and healthy and access to clean water affordable for the present and for future generations.





8th Day Center for Justice


Citizens Act to Protect Our Water! (CAPOW!)


Elgin Green Groups


Fluoride Free Illinois



Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice


Nuclear Energy Information Service



Frack Free Illinois


Southeast Environmental Task Force


Tar Sands Free Midwest